D'Mon "The Architect" Muelli


The Architect


D’mon "The Architect", has worked as a tattoo artist for 17 years, inking people from various cultures and all walks of life including celebrities of music, film and television. Born and raised in New Zealand, he has owned studios in New Zealand and Australia and most recently co-founded the California Gold Tattoo collective with Jeffrey Page and John MacIntyre. D’mon apprenticed with late Phil Mathias in his native land, and has long-drawn inspiration from authentic expression, unconventional thought, and the mysterious XXX.
As a creator of forms, The Architect, works beyond the realm of appearances, interpreting his client’s personal myths to evoke a collaborative artistic expression. Intuitively aware, he is able to interpret the subtle nuances of his clients’ thoughts, dreams, and passions grounding his artistic vision in the universal connection of mind, body, and spirit. 
Beyond the aesthetic value of this ever-evolving primitive art, The Architect sees tattooing as establishing personal culture. His progressive work inspires, celebrates, and affirms life, marking, illuminating, or unlocking significant stages of his clients’ personal journeys.